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Tyre Services & On Site Services

MILDEF supply, install and run-flat tyres for our clients. The organization does a wide range of service on army vehicles and supplies heavy construction tyres.



Heavy Construction Steer

  • Cut and tear resistant tread compound for long tread life in on/off road conditions.
  • Outstanding self-cleaning properties ensure a long service life.
  • Aggressive tread pattern provides excellent traction.
Tire Size LI/SI
14.00 R 20 164/160K (166/160G)
365/85 R20 164/00J
395/82 R20 TL 168G
335/80 R20 TL 149K
365/80 R20 TL 149K

All-Terrain, All-Position Radial for Special Service in Extreme Applications

  • Self-cleaning open shoulder tread design
  • Radial casing design
  • All-terrain, non-directional design
  • Full-width steel belts and elastic protector ply
  • Tubeless construction
Tire Size Load Range Catalog No.
14.00R20 M 71701
395/85R20 J 94675
14.00R20 M 06306

PT461 EXPLERO Radial

  • Thanks to reinforced and separated shoulder block
    structure PT 461 offers perfect traction on soft soil, mud
    and snowy surfaces. With special design bead structure
    durable against cuts and wears with offering balanced

RM900 Radial

  • Deep channels between the blocks effectively evacuate
    mud and snow and provide perfect traction. The bonds
    between the blocks give resistance to tears and wears and
    the compound enable long service life. Special block type
    tread structure design to military purposes provides
    ultimate grip in off-road conditions even on muddy, sandy,
    rocky and icy roads

RM910 Radial

  • It is a special Off-Road tire developed for military vehicles
    and specific usage purposes. RM 910 is also available to
    use in all kind of terrains and compatible for all axes.
    Thanks to its wide channel block structure provides
    ultimate grip and traction on all kind of surfaces, also
    effective mud discharge. Offer longvity through special
    tread compound
Type Tire Size LI/SI
PT461 Explero 7.50 R16C TL 116/114N
RM900 14.00 R20 TL 164/160G
RM910 395/82 R20 TL 168G
RM910 335/80 R20 TL 149K
RM910 365/80 R20 TL 149K

Wheel Assembly

  • Wheel assemblies are made up of military grade tyres, multi-piece rimand runflat
  • The type of tyre used is multi-terrain pattern tyre. The tyre size is 14R20
  • The rims multi-piece type to suit the tyre and runflat sizes. Made form aluminium and adapted with central tyre inflation system valves.
  • Runflat used is multi-piece type and it is user-friendly for installation and removal purposes.


The single piece Run-Flat Technology by MILDEF is well proven and regularly tested with military standards such as Finabel A.20A. The technology is designed to accommodate for heavy duty purposes with less time consumption and safer procedure to assemble and replace, and the tyre can sustain a distance up to 150KM in flat conditions.

Process of changing run flat using the machine


MILDEF designed and developed track products in collaboration with strategic partnership across regions. In Malaysia, MILDEF has integrated the track system with ADNAN, MFV, SCORPION AND PT-91M PENDEKAR. The heavy equipment spare parts provided complies with international standards based on the latest technology.


We have facility to do tire servicing from all aspects including after installation of run flat tire for customer satisfactions.


MILDEF provides training and inspection through on-site services. The on-site inspection and training activities are organized through a collaboration with original equipment tyre manufacturer and military personnel.


On-site services, maintenance, inspections and repairs.


Providing inspection and training of the military personnel by experience trainers.