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4X4 Mobility Armoured Vehicle (Tarantula)


MILDEF has successfully manufactured a Tarantula High Mobility Armoured Vehicle 4X4 (HMAV) that meets the current United Nations standard and specifications. The rear door design includes a hydraulic system making this fully armoured vehicle highly efficient. The ramp near the door allows the crew to enter and exit the vehicle without any risk of injury falling off.


The weapon platform for this vehicle uses RCWS (Remote Control Weapon Station), ensuring maximum protection for the gun operator. MILDEF acquired exclusive rights to use the Caterpillar Engine, one of the most robust and ruggedized engines in the market. This vehicle has been qualified with NATO’s Stanag 4569.


The composite armor is an ideal choice for ballistic protection with Stanag 4569 Level 2 Ballistic & Artillery. This vehicle uses mine-blasts attenuating seats, underbelly protection Stanag 4569 level 2B and hull protection Stanag 4569 level 2A. The power to weight ratio is 25hp/ton with maximum speed of 110kph.

Tarantula In Action