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Integration & Installation


Subsystems On Deftech AV4 Lipanbara Vehicles

MILDEF provides subsystems accessories installation on army vehicles. The Laser Warning
& Grenade Discharge System (LWGDS) provides extra protection measures against warfare
and enables detection of hostile laser targeting sources through Laser Range Finder (LRF)
and Laser Target Designator (LTi). The first-rate system is capable of creating smoke screens
to mask movement. The ability to connect up to 8 laser detector arrays and 16 grenade
tubes allows for rapid retaliation. The modular design and build can be customized based
on user requirements. The LWGDS can be used for field training and information sharing
can be enabled using an external data interface.
Laser Warning
Grenade Launcher
Cable & Harness for Intercom
Remote Weapon Station
Fire Suppression System